About Us

Triumph Sports Network is an online only Christian School Sports broadcasting radio station. All sports broadcasts on Triumph Sports Network are available to listen for free on our Mixlr site. Yep, no subscriptions, no sign up, no cost. Just click play and listen. Triumph Sports Network is possible because of our wonderful sponsors who believe in the cause. Our sponsors get audio ads played throughout each broadcast with their contribution.  You can also go back and listen to recordings of previous games, in case you missed something. To be part of the magic of TSN, contact us today.

Josh Salmon – Founder/Broadcaster
Triumph Sports Network


A 20+ year broadcasting veteran, created TSN after he noticed Christian Schools were not getting covered on standard radio. As a Christian himself, it was important that Josh helped get these schools and their athletes get the exposure they deserve.


Bridger is a high school senior working towards being a successful broadcaster. 

I joined Triumph Sports Network junior year. Josh Salmon took a leap of faith and hired me and I’ve never looked back. Now, thanks to Triumph, I have gotten jobs with radio stations, social media influencers, and streaming platforms. I plan on heading to the University of Nebraska Lincoln to continue my academic and professional journey. Until then, I’m excited to get to share the great God-given gifts these talented student-athletes possess.
– Bridger